Setting the record straight on acne

Dietitian to set the record straight for young boys and girls transitioning into adolescence.

Acne is a common skin condition that affect mostly adolescents. Unfortunately, there are many myths, misconceptions and beliefs with regards to acne.

Just like any other body tissue, the skin   needs to be fed with vital nutrient to keep it healthy. They say healthy skin starts from within. When it comes to your skincare, what you put in side your body is just as important as what you put on it. The food choices we make daily have a huge impact on the firmness, clarity and health of one’s skin. Therefore the best skin regime starts with diet.

Acne  is a common skin condition that affect mostly adolescents. Although acne is not a life threatening condition, it may lead to low self-esteem and other emotional issues. There are many factors that may be responsible for acne smoking, stress, excessive exposure to the sun, inappropriate skin care, excessive activity of androgen hormones, excessive oil production, bacteria, clogged hair follicles

There are many myths, misconceptions and beliefs with regards to acne. High glycaemic index foods which are mostly refined white starches such as cakes, biscuits are elevate the circulation of the release of hormone resulting in the release of androgens  which may cause acne

  1. Myth 1: Consuming milk and other dairy products causes acne

 Insulintropic foods such as milk that increase the insulin levels in the plasma due to the presence of hormones and   bioactive  molecules, growth stimulating hormones. There is some research shows that only the consumption of skimmed milk and not full fat milk is associated with acne. This does not mean one needs to stop consuming milk to prevent acne, moderation is always key. Dairy products are rich sources of vitamin and calcium which are essential for bone development and growth especially during the adolescent stage when most of the growth and development into adulthood happens.

  • Myth 2: you need to detox more often to prevent acne

Our bodies have a natural, built in system for detoxification that does not need trendy detoxification juices.Detoxification of toxins in the body is perfectly handled by your liver and kidneys, therefore detoxification drinks are not necessary. We can only support the liver and kidneys with abundance of antioxidant rich foods and vegetables to be more efficient in detoxifying toxins. If you have a well-functioning liver and kidneys, drinking enough water and avoiding junk food  you don’t need any detoxification programme. Whole foods are the best option for a healthy skin.

  • You need to cleanse your colon to ensure a clear skin.

There is a perception that toxins from your colon caujse a variety of health problems including skin problems. But there is no scientific evidence that proves that colon cleansing is beneficial. also there are more concerns with colon cleansing including dehydration, electrolyte imbalances and  infections. High fiber diet is essential in keeping the gut healthy and clean. Fiber is found mainly in whole grain in plant based food sources such as fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Consuming fermented foods such as  yoghurt also helps with gut health.

  • Including fat in ones diet can cause acne

Whether your goal is to lose weight, keep healthy clear skin and have an acne free skin, dietary fats are important part of a healthy diet. Dietary fat is important in the development of  the brain, energy source, helps in maintaining body temperature, insulates your organs, and supports cell growth, including that of the skin tissue. The trick is to consume more unsaturated fat found in in nuts, olives ,avocado, vegetable oils, and oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel

Food for a healthy skin

-Antioxidants  are natural and powerful substances found in food, they protect the skin from the free radicals that our bodies are exposed to through harmfull irritants including pollution and UV radiation. Most fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidant vitamins. Oranges, kiwi, broccoli, tomato, pine apple, grapes, berries, papaya.spinach.beetroot.

  • Essential fatty acids to keep the skin moist and firm. Nuts and seeds, fatty fish like sardine and almond, avocado
  • Lots of clean, safe water
  • Reegular exercising

In conclusion, eating  lots of fruits and vegetables with whole grain, seeds and nuts is for a good cause when it comes to your skin