Moloko Mehlape is a  registered dietitian in private practice with special interest in nutrition education, sports nutrition, weight and chronic disease management, and a philanthropist who is passionate about making a positive impact in public health through. 

The workplace is one of the important settings to implement nutrition related intervention aimed at improving health. Most sick leaves in the work place may be attributed to nutrition and life style factors. 

Successful business rely in healthy and motivated employees who are productive and have a sense of well being at work.  As a dietitian, Moloko Mehlape provides educational, engaging and enriching workplace nutritional talks with questions and answer sessions.

Moloko has been recognized by various media houses to positively impact people’s health and well being through media nutrition consultation. 

She has written articles for Polokwane review, Truelove and Bounce magazine, and creates nutrition content as part of media content, and she has appeared on various TV shows aimed at educating the public.

She is also a Resident dietitian for different radio stations; including Metro Fm, Thobela Fm, Capricorn Fm, Tut Fm and Y-Fm. 


She has completed extensive amount of formal education and training , and holds the following qualifications